12. November 2013

[Novel] Thomas Wharton: Icefields

Thomas Wharton: Icefields
My Rating: 4 von 5 Sternen

"Icefields" is a story of adventure and discovery that unfolds amidst the stunning beauty of the Canadian Rockies in Jasper at the beginning of the 20th century. Presented within the frame of a tourist guidebook, this novel records life in the mountains, as time and the coming of the railroad slowly transform the settlement of Jasper from a place of myth and legend to a modern tourist town. Exhaustively researched, this novel blends geology and poetry, fact and fiction, history and imagination.
I had to read this novel at university in my "Canadian fiction" class. At first, I wasn't convinced that I would like the novel because it was hard to get from one page to the next. But then I chose this novel to write my term paper about and while working on it my opinion about the novel, its characters and the story changed totally. So I suggest to everybody who might plan to read this novel as well, look up the characters, get informed about the place where the story takes place and then, take a deep breath and...read it again. Yes! You might get the feeling, that the story has changed somehow- at least that was my impression.

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